About Us

Welcome to the website of go Hunting Ltd.!

We would like to briefly introduce our company founded in March 2016. Although we are a new company, our employees have many years of experience in the field of organizing huntings in Hungary.

Adrien Németh has been working in this field for 30 years. In 1985 she started her career at the long-established MAVAD Inc. Walking through the steps of the profession, she gained extensive experience and extensive partnerships. In the future, she is waiting for your application with great dedication and enthusiasm, so that she can organize the Hungarian hunt you have dreamed of.

At our company, stability is guaranteed by Magdolna Kling, a highly qualified financial specialist whose knowledge not only of Hungarian but also of other EU countries is up-to-date. She achieves this by participating in continuous professional training.

We are proud that the existing knowledge and good partnerships of our staff, who have gained experience in hunting for a long time, allow us to meet the special wishes of even the most demanding guests and supports us in organizing unforgettable huntings in our beautiful country.

We are also in excellent partnership with the state forest enterprises and the best hunting companies in Hungary. Contact us with confidence! We do our best to fulfill your wishes and expectations, so that you can return home enriched with the experience of a beautiful, successful hunt in Hungary.

With these in mind, we would be very happy if you would visit us as soon as possible and we can welcome you as our guest!

Kind regards:

go Hunting GmbH 1038 Budapest Botond u.1.