Fallow Deer

The fallow deer was native in our woods before the last ice age but has then became extinct. It was the romans who resettled it Central Europe again. Nowadays Hungary is one of the best and most known countries for fallow deer hunting in the world. Our fallow buck districts offer an optimum living space for the game. The best districts are in east Hungary near Debrecen and the south of Lake Balaton. Capital fallow bucks can be hunted here over and over again.

During the last years two world record fallow bucks with 6.40 kg and 5.43 kg were shot down in east Hungary. The forrest management Nyírerdő and Gyulaj as well as the world famous Lábod have excellent fallow deer population. The best time for hunting is during the rutting season in October.

Hunting Season

Fallow buck1st October – last day of February
Shootable buck1st October – 30st November
Doe1st October – last day of February
Young doe1st June – last day of February
Fawn1st October – 31st Mai

International CIC points

Gold medal180- CIC 
Silver medal170-179,9 CIC 
Bronze medal160-169,9 CIC