Roe Deer

Hungary’s best roebuck districts are located in the big lowland, along the rivers Tisza and Körös, in the region of Szolnok near the Romanian border. In east Hungary roebucks with a horn weight of over 500 grams are not a rarity.

In the hilly districts of west Hungary the expected horn weight of the captured trophies is 200-350 grams.

The classic Hungarian roebuck hunt is practised on great wheat fields in Eastern Hungary with cross country vehicles but on request you have the option to do the hunt from a horse drawn carriage.

The hunting season on the roebuck begins on 15th of April. Due to our long-standing experience we recommend our guests to go for the roebuck hunt in east Hungary right at the beginning of the season. At this time the vegetation is not too high and the hunters will have the best chances to get the desired roebucks to the firing.

The rutting season of the roebuck hunt from late July to early August has it’s special charm. The stag call of the roebucks is a great experience not only for the hunters but also for the accompanying family. A roebuck hunt in summer can be very well connected with a holiday trip with the family.