Mouflon is not a native game in Hungary. It was was settled from Korsika in 1868-69. The regions which Hungary offers to shoot mouflons, are located in the highlands Mátra, Bükk, Zemplén, Börzsöny, Pilis and in the forest of Bakony. The management of the Pilis forest prides itself with an excellent mouflon stock. In this hunting ground of Hungary capital mouflons with over 90 cm horn length are not a rarity. Although mouflons are not easy to hunt and the hunt can be quite exhausting our grounds offer our guests good chances to hunt down the desired ram.

The best time for hunting is from November to January but in a few regions there are good chances to hunt mouflons successfully in September.


Hunting Season

Ramall year
Ewe1st September- last day of February
Lamb1st September- last day of February

International CIC points

Gold medal205- CIC  
Silver medal195-204,9 CIC
Bronze medal185-194,9 CIC